My German Birthday

April 28

Friday was my birthday, and it was definitely a birthday I’ll never forget! My day started out having breakfast with my host family, and my host mom’s mother and niece came over to sing “happy birthday” to me! Later at school, I was in a sixth grade class, and the class also sang to me! It was so sweet to be treated so warmly all morning! After school, Ann Lundy came home with me to spend the afternoon before the birthday party that my host family threw. Shout out to Ann Lundy for helping us clean and get everything ready for the afternoon!

Most of the other student teachers came over for dinner, and we all had a great time together!


I am so thankful that my host family invited all of the student teachers over to celebrate my birthday! It was a great night, and we all played Catch Phrase for hours! (I have never seen a group of people more intense about this game!)


April 29

On Saturday, Beulah and I took a train to Hamburg to meet my cousin Haley! We got checked in to our hotel and went out for dinner! The hotel was right on the water.


April 30

After breakfast Sunday morning, we walked through the Fish Market, which is a HUGE deal in Hamburg. Apparently it happens every Sunday during the summer months.



This picture shows just a small portion of the market! It was very crowded, but I am glad that we went for part of it. It starts at 5 am and ends around 9:30.


Haley and I in our new blanket scarves!

After the market, we walked and took the train into town, and we sat by the water for a while. Hamburg is a city on the river Elbe, so the views of the water were beautiful and made for a great weekend.


We visited “Kunsthalle Hamburg” or the “Hamburger Kunsthalle”, an art museum that covers seven centuries of world art. We spent several hours in the museum before stopping for lunch. We also visited the town square, where there was a small demonstration to support France as they prepare for their upcoming elections. Many people had European Union flags and balloons to show their support.

We also got to see the town hall while we were in the square.

For dinner, we had the most amazing fish. Because it is on the water, Hamburg is known for amazing seafood, and I was told not to leave Hamburg without trying some!


After dinner, we spent some time in the hotel in the rec area downstairs, which had coffee, tea, and a large TV with a pretty big selection of movies. There was a German movie or mini-series on TV, and even though we couldn’t exactly tell what was happening, it was fun to watch for a while and try to decipher the plot line!

May 1

This morning, Beulah, Haley, and I set off for the train station pretty early to say goodbye to Haley as she returned to Prague. Our train ride back to Münster was only about 2 hours, and Beulah’s host mom picked us up and dropped me off on their way home. I had lunch with my host family, and I have part of the afternoon to relax. May 1 is a holiday in Europe, so most people are celebrating in some way! Some people go for bike rides or go for a walk. Later, my host family and I are planning on going for a walk, and we might stop for ice cream at the market going on in town (YUM). This long weekend has been both exciting and relaxing, but I am also excited for the next few days back at the school!

I can’t believe that in a week from tomorrow, we will be heading back to the States!



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